July 19, 2010

Mum's super fun 60th birthday celebrations!

There's nothing quite like family!!! All 20 of us gathered in the Gold Coast for my mum's 60th birthday~ what a spectacular 5 days! Warm from from the inside out in the Sunshine State.

The cuzzies just love each other, it's always such a joyous reunion!! Ha and our family only has one volume~LOUD!
The 3 Jay's "Rahhhhh"

The beach, pirate park, Surfer's Paradise, shops, resort pool, dinners together...and the ever generous Mammie and Pa treated us all to 2 days at Dreamworld and White Water World =fun!!

<<< oi yoi yoi I had to shut my eyes so my eyeballs didn't fall out on 'The Claw'
...and what about 'The Wedgie' ??! (I now know why it's called that!) Flip the floor drops and you shoot vertically down a waterslide chute!

But the icing on the cake was when we honoured our amazing Mum & Mammie on our last night together...it was truly such a wonderful time!!

 I'm sure everyone would have thought at one time during the night just how blessed we were to be there and part of such an awesome family.

Tribute to my mum who as my brother said is like the glue!
Aww the speeches and teary eyes...it's moments like these xox
The kids then huddled around their Mammie and prayed for her before the dancing begun

What a B L A S T!!!
 Love you guys, and Happy Birthday once again to the most beautiful 60 year old!


Gail said...

What a wonderful way to celebrate!! Looks like loads of fun had by all..... I can't believe, well yes I can, you did the claw! I almost passed out just looking at it!

Kathy Monk said...

It was so much fun! yep can't believe we both did the claw!! I just remember our adrenaline skyrocketed afterwards!!! Ahhh happy memories x

Simoney said...

The Claw!!!! Arrgghh! I couldn't even look at it without feeling sick! You crazy gal, trust you Monkies to go on all the crzy rides!! Adrenaline junkies, all.
Looks like a way fun time, so glad you all got to celebrate so wonderfully :)

banban said...