April 01, 2010

Raising the alarm!

A few weeks ago it was an ambulance, last night 2 fire engines!

Whoops! On the way down to the pool with J, around 9:30 last night I was flinging my arm around trying to find the light switch when I accidentally hit the FIRE ALARM!! It began blaring straight away...there was no turning it off!!

O my goodness what to do??? Part of me wanted to laugh, the other knew everyone in the apartment building (My parents now live in) wouldn't be too happy!

We made our way to the front of the building alongside a mum and her kids hurrying out in their PJ's, 2 fire-engines roaring in...

OH NO my first thought; "Will I have to pay for this??" (I didn't-phew!)
I showed the firemen where I raised the alarm. They were so nice, and advised that I steer clear of the apartment manager!!

J and I then decided not to swim laps (Because I couldn't find the light-switch to the lap pool!) and snuck back into Mum and Dad's apartment.

When the others were congregated out the front with the rest of the building (oops!) Miss E overheard the firemen saying something about the tunnel to the pools, when she clicked; "I bet it was mum!"

We all killed ourselves laughing when they came back realised it was me...

...my boys suggesting I get in and out of the building in disguise,
Miss E formulating her Mother's Day Speech; "The things I've learnt from my mum": The peril's of swimming in unpatrolled beaches, How to call a fire engine", and reminding me how I'd set off the alarm in the elevator with my bum the day we arrived!


Weza said...

haha now that is funny. I wouldnt mind too much, who doesnt LOVE firemen.

PaisleyJade said...

haha! Poor you - a friend of mine set off one in a motel at 11pm at night by burning toast... she felt really stink but it's a great story for a laugh now!

Simoney said...

You crack me up Bec!! LOL big time. Can't wait to see ya!!