March 15, 2010

A weekend in Hawkes Nest...

On the weekend the kids and I (& Miss E's friend Robz) to Hawkes Nest with our connect group

After a fantastic day on Saturday - hiking, going crazy in the rain, fantastic meals~ freshly caught fish, an afternoon dance party when the rain continued to pour down (Manel taught us to belly dance!)
....we went down to the beach for a game of touch rugby and a swim.

All was great, we were having fun in the surf ...WHEN the current/tide (I don't know exactly what??) suddenly changed!! 

Arrhhh we swam for shore, almost there when I spotted one of our guys swimming over to rescue 2 young boys who weren't part of our group. That's when I realised my 10 year old  J hadn't made it in with us and was drifting out too. Panic. A mother's worst nightmare!

I swam back out to him, held his hand and said let's just lay on our backs and kick. That was easier said than done when the breakers became so huge and started crashing over us and swirling us under. It was such an eerie moment too seeing another friend not far from us yelling for help. I honestly wondered at one stage if we were going to make it in.

J later tells how he cried out to God to help and straight after a massive wave came and swept us in to a place where we realised we could now touch the bottom.
We yelled out to our friend that he could put his feet down now too.

Relief. Exhaustion. Shock, dehydration and a lingering cough after swallowing so much salt-water...That night I hardly slept replaying it over and over in my head. J fine! Thank-you Lord! 

Lots of lesson's learnt! I've never experienced something like that before. The sea is powerful, but God so much more so!


Maranga said...

I'm such a drama queen, felt a little panicked reading your blog (silly) What an awesome testimony though, to cry out to God and be swept to safety!

Simoney said...

Wow, what a freaky story Bec! Amazing; how awesome that J prayed and God answered so fast. xx

Sophie said...

Wonderful wonderful news about the car. Very scary about the Scare though... God is so good!