November 11, 2009

Dribs and drabs :)

Hahaha just changed the title 'Drips and Draps' to 'Dribs and Drabs!' Laughing out loud!! Thanks mum :) My interpretation and spelling of some words and sayings often cracks her up!
And while laughing... delighting in this photo of Choppy and our neighbour Maddy!!
I love it when the kids laugh together. A much better sound than them squabbling! The other night my little 2 were outside having a bit of a brawl when a lady put her head over the back corner fence and yelled; "Woult (accent) you boys pleeese SHHU-T UUUP!" Ha in they ran. I'd been telling them all day to stop shouting at each other!

Another lady down the street growled toom when she spied my boys picking lemons from the tree at the house next hers. Imm wonder how we'll go at the street Christmas Party!

And fortunately they were at their dad's recently when our littlest guy got out of bed half asleep at 10pm one night, walked to the linen cupboard, opened the door and pee-ed all over the sheets and towels!! Lucky I saw and steered him in the right direction a few nights later when he rose from his bed and started walking towards the fridge!!


Abigail Jasmine said...

I too love the contagiousness lovable sounds of laughs...Nothin' better!

Gail said...

Haha. You crack me up. I did see your drips and draps and then thought, maybe I've had it wrong all this time!

That is a great photo - and you guys will just add the life to the street party!

Sophie said...

Haha! My brother almost did that when we were kids - peeing into a closet... My mum got him just in time but then heard him peeing into the wastepaper basket just beside the toilet!