October 10, 2009

To Melbourne and back...

The kids and I had a blast in Melbourne! We stayed with our LOVELY friends... Virg (The most amazing host) summing it up nicely here:

"Missing the ___(Us!) who left today after 5 fun-filled days and nites of...lots of laughter, memories, Jordan-sandwiches, Soraya adoration, awesome Jay-man-greatest-helper-of-Soraya, freezin...g weather! beach, Becca body slams, marriage declarations!?!.lollies galore, curry, becs choc slice and more! Luv you guys!!.come back!..see yous in NZ xx"

Haha, here I am on Phillip Island in my winter coat (I packed just in case) hood on tight (cause it was freezin!) summer dress, jandals and Miss E's pink sun-glasses!!

Thanks again to our wonderful friends for their above and beyond hospitality...we love em!


Gail said...

You are so cool driving that far! I find it hard to drive over the harbour bridge!

Glad you had a great time!

Simoney said...

Great pics Becs! I can't believe they are coming over this Christmas!! Yipperty Skip!! (Aren't V's kids gorgeous???)xx