September 28, 2009

My yipperty skipperty news!!!!!!!!!

So thrilled...the children's father has granted permission that they be allowed to travel outside Australia again>>> airport watch to-be-removed...ahhhh such a relief!!!

The thought of having to live here the rest of our lives (even though its a great place!) is enough to handle without the other... it made me feel so caged in.

If we have to stay put here for a length of time it does my sanity well to know the kids can still fly home to visit family, feel a bit 'kiwi' and be a part of the celebrations and fun-times. Luckily mum and dad have enough airpoints to help us back and forth for now...and hopefully in a few years I'll be more financially able

So there it is...a pretty MASSIVE break-through in our world at the moment. Thanks to my amazing God and the prayer support of wonderful family and friends. Thanks too BP, this means so much.


Gail said...

That's awesome Becs - I'm so excited for you. Praying that you will see more amazing breakthroughs too!

Andrew Jansen said...

Rebecca, The Jansens here. Bless you. Only recently acquainted with everything, I was sort of horrified I didn't know. It made me realise I'd been in my own world, too long.
You've honoured God.
He will honour you.

PaisleyJade said...

Yay!! That is the best news ever! Looking forward to some fun blog posts about your trips back here with the kids in the future.

Sophie said...

Thats lovely wonderful news Rebecca! Sx

banban said...

Am very excited for you, my heart is racing as I know how much this means to you and the kids and I think this is something very important for you all! YAY!!!! Double YAY!!!!!!

Sammy said...

Such wonderful news! Your beautiful Mum told me on Thursday night and I got all teary eyed with joy. We def have to have a Kiwi bloggers catch up next time you are home- I hear Frasers do a great lemon merangue pie!!!!!