June 04, 2012

Celebrating these guys!

{Birthday catch-up}
In March Lij entered the double digits, 10!! Ahhhh this boy, he melts my heart...

We had after-noon tea and birthday cake in the park after school with his friends.

& oh that cake...my first 2 cake making attempts flopped in the old oven at our new place, so I bought one...which I then dropped face first into the grass when we got to the park. Ahhhh, quick pick it up and scrape off the top layer of icing...yep!! ha they loved it :))
Pizza & a movie that night with the fam bam...


And J, handsome az, became a teenager in April!! I love his smile xox

Miss E & Lij hosted a Mexican Fiesta in honour of their brother....it was FANTASTIC!!!!!!

There was dressing up, dancing, and even chocolate chilli panacottas for dessert. Well done guys, impressive...and heaps of fun!! J here dressed up as Nacho Libre, in wrestling mode of course...


& that brings birthday season to a close for the year. (The kids birthdays running Jan-April)

I count it such a privilege & JOY to be blessed with each of them!!!!

"...children are God's best gift"

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