January 03, 2012

Skateboard birthday cake

This is the skateboard Choppy got for Christmas...
& the skateboard cake his Dad made for his Monster SK8 party today:
Well done BP!
He shaped the trucks for the skateboard out of wagon wheel biscuits & red liquorice dipped in white and brown chocolate.
The happy {sweaty} birthday boy had such a GR8 day with his friends...we were all still hanging out in the park hours after the party was meant to end.


Brigitte said...

What an amazing cake!! Looks DELICIOUS too!!
And YAY for going to NZ tomorrow! Have a super-blessed time with your family & friends xx

Sj said...

Hey Rebecca
Have an amazing and restful time in NZ. God is going to keep surprising you as the precious daddy God he is, on your trip. It will be a WONDER time for you in NZ. Love xx

Miriam said...

It looks fantastic. I hope you have a wonderful trip to NZ

PaisleyJade said...

Wow that cake amazing! have a fab time in nz.