August 23, 2011

Practicing hospitality!

IF I waited until I had mouth-watering cooking skills, a perfect family, or a house decked out in latest and greatest décor… the doors would remain shut & no one would EVER get invited over!!

Instead my kids whirl around our guests, I’m sure making them giddy, the volumes normally stuck on one level-LOUD, there’s probably weetbix cemented on the dining chairs, I’ve burnt the food more times than not lately (This ovens hotter than the last) …and our place is very much lived in!

But it's worth it! I love how the kids like to be involved when we're having friends over now too - setting the table up nice, getting excited when they arrive, joining in conversation, and often practicing and performing some kind of item. Tonight we were "hit by a smooth criminal" !!

When it boils down to it hospitality isn’t about show-casing what you own and having it altogether but about relationship and enjoying each others company. Giving and seeking to be a blessing!

Romans 12v13 in a few translations says to pursue, be given to, practice, show, and even be inventive in hospitality!

Loving our friends and welcoming hearts (Psalm 36:10 MSG)


Widge said...

Love the cutie smooth criminal pic!
yeah dinner parties scare me big time! we have only ever had friends over for dinner during summer when we can BBQ or else we buy takeaways. hehe
love this post...will learn to showcase my warts ;)

Anonymous said...

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Sj said...

cool-as. that's what you are! how encouraging and yes i can relate to what you write lovely friend. Good on you for inviting and hosting. IT's so worth it aye. Love what you wrote, you are inspiring Rebecca. Thanks for your open heart and your heart for Him! xx

Penny said...

Yes great post! I would love to do this more. Awesome that you are just going ahead and doing it

Anonymous said...

he website was how do i say it… relevant, finally something that helped me. Many thanks