June 02, 2009

Not giving up

A quote from my Aunties Facebook:
"Others can stop you temporarily BUT only YOU can do it permanently"
Keep pressing on...don't be deterred.

This keeps coming to mind especially with the challenges of the last few weeks. Every which way I've turned there's been obstacles!!
I've definitely had that sinking feeling...
Overwhelmed by my circumstances.
My heart grieved.
Not knowing what to do?

Yesterday as I drove through my day I listened to a CD mum sent me; a message by David McCracken ...
He said situational difficulties that present themselves as overwhelming can actually be an opportunity to move into a new level. They can motivate and put a deeper resolve in us.

Fighting the fight where it belongs... first in prayer!

I feel a determination in my spirit. I have been daunted by what is in front of us...but don't want to shrink back.

With God's help....


Sophie said...

Thinking of you Rebecca.

GB said...

This IS inspiring..... as is YOUR determination to keep pressing on and to hold onto God throughout everything Becs.
Keeping you in my prayers.