June 04, 2009

Kids are messy

"Kids are messy, they don’t mean to be, they just can’t help it. It’s
their enthusiasm, their energy-their naturally destructive tendencies!” -
Delia Ephron
Who can relate?! At times my 4 practically 'bounce off’ the walls AND the walls I wiped down last week are already collecting their next round of grime.

When the kids get older though they aren't going to remember whether the kettle sparkled or if every bathroom crevice was clean but WILL remember if home was a great place to be!

Loved it, a famous model (can’t remember her name?), taking TV viewers on a tour through her home, pointing out the stains on beautiful couches as features she thought were great and memory-filled!!

Although we don't want the place trashed, and children do need to be house-trained (!!) when it boils down to it home is meant to be lived in...the life and laughter of a home alive with kids much more fun than a perfect house!

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Sophie said...

I can relate to the grime stained walls! I need to keep the cleaning in perspective sometimes!