June 04, 2013

The night our lounge room became a fashion runway!

A few weekends ago we insisted a friend leave her 3 kids with us so she could go away for some much deserved rest and relaxation!

7 kids in the house... they were GREAT! This was the night they walked to the shop in their a Pjs ... (Lij!!!)

On the Saturday night we lay out a mat in the lounge and held a fashion parade - 

The kids brainstormed possible categories and we pulled them out of a hat as we went. Our contestants then had 5 minutes to dress up before they...

 * set * foot * on * catwalk *

School girls:



Date night:

Rock stars:

Sports players:

Farmer Joe:



(Bwhahaha Lij!!)


And when it was nearly time for bed...a Pajama party and pillow fight!!

14 year old J did a great job as DJ for the night, selecting a song for each category as it happened. 

It was such a fun night. What stars!

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