December 10, 2011

Becca 4 love


***This guy!
The handsome one on the right.

Last night was J's Year 6 Farewell; he's off to High next year...& taller than me already (not hard!)


***These 2 as well xox
***Aw and love my baby (who is actually 7 now!)
Last week he got a cotton bud stuck wayyy down his ear. Don't dig those things down too deep! After a trip to the Doctor, emergency and a specialist twice he was admitted to hospital this week to get knocked out...
Ahhh and that's my lunch break over and out (I did eat too; marmite n avocado on toast) Still truckloads to do before we move on Monday. Happy Saturday to you!
Joining in once again with PaisleyJades: 'Things I'm loving'


PaisleyJade said...

Such precious (and cute) kids. xoxo

Sammy said...

My gosh you have such adventures!
Hopefully get to give you a hig when you visit!

Sammy said...

Or in fact, a HUG..! What the heck is a hig????