April 22, 2009

Rebecca 101

1. Born 1971, in NZ!
2. Newly separated (Just over a year now) after 12 years of marriage
3. I have four gorgeous children; 1 girl and 3 boys
4. I've always looked forward to being a mum-the maternal type I guess
5. In high school my friends predicted I’d been the one with car full of kids
6. Love em to bits!
7. Some say I look just like my mum but act my father
8. My fathers loud and boisterous!
9. Couldn’t have asked for a better dad
10. Mum’s amazing too…unbelievable in fact
11. Many wish she was their mum
12. I’m a trained teacher
13. And have a Bachelor of Education
14. I taught in Western Samoa for one year
15. Loved it…such a generous people
16. I hate dying my hair
17. But am so grey…wisdom?!
18. Some people ask if I’m biologically blonde.
19. I’m not
20. Are they inferring I’m a little ditsy at times?
21. Maybe a little!
22. I enjoy my own company
23. But come alive in a crowd too
24. I've broke my right arm 3 times
25. Jungle-gym stunts and was hit by a car when I was 5
26. I’m an atrocious speller
27. Yes and a teacher too
28. Sometimes I say really dumb stuff
29. My brothers and I all say ‘Pacific’ instead of ‘Specific’
30. Mum says it correctly (she will want me to say that!)
31. I have three brothers: Ham, Sam and Jam...
32. Hamish, Samuel and James!
33. My mother had 4 children in 4 years
34. I'm the oldest
35. I did Miss Piggy 'Hi-jah's' on my brothers
36. A great fun, carefree childhood
37. Have lived in Otaki, Gisbourne, Wanganui, Lower Hutt…
38. Auckland, Western Samoa, and Sydney
39. & been around the world once
40. Getting alot closer to 40!
41. I'm not really a morning person
42. At teachers college we had to do a painting elective
43. My painting looked like the ones my kids do at kindy
44. The art teacher (Herb) loved it?!
45. So started selling paintings
46. I have a red/green colour blind deficiency
47. In those dotty colour tests I see ‘12” where most see a ‘3’
48. I love a hot bath and a good book-bliss
49. Have never been a fan of fizzy drinks-prefer water
50. I have a million and one ideas:
51. Which probably drives everyone around me crazy!
52. I went to 8 schools
53. Got good at making new friends
54. People comment on my laugh…
55. It's probably kinda crazy/loud-but can’t change it!
56. I love getting together with family and friends
57. Sometimes i go off to the movies spur of the moment by myself
58. My food, a movie and me…Yeah!
59. I cry at movies
60. We have lived in Sydney since May 2000
61. The youngest 2 were born here
62. Love the beach
63. Days hanging out with my lil tribe are the best
64. NZ is home
65.I'm so blessed to have 3 grandparents still alive
66.They're such an inspiration
67. Eddie, Dulcie and Sybil!
68. I find baking relaxing these days…
69. Not so good for the waist line though!
70. I’m a very average cook
71. Food, fun and friends…
72. One of life’s great combinations!
73. I can be a bit of a putz
74. Crashing and banging, going too fast for myself
75. I'm really quite quiet sometimes too-true!
76. I lived on a dairy farm in Tehoro until I was 5
77. My Father became a Christian
78. He said to mum it’s 100% God or not at all
79. They choose 100%
80. My brothers and I have reaped the benefits
81. I used to dance in front of the TV when my brothers watched rugby
82. They would throw me in the pool
83. I’m not very good at hair and make up
84. My mum couldn’t understand why I didn’t play with my dolls
85. I had a tantrum if I had to wear a dress to church
86. I like pretty things though
87. Had morning sickness with all four pregnancies…
88. Turned into wild women in the delivery room
89. Once I had a dream I gave birth to a Frisbee
90. My maiden name is ‘Monk’
91. Was always the second shortest in my class
92. I can do the splits up the wall (Rubber band legs!)
93. And have flat feet
94. Love and enjoy being a mum
95. Do have my moments though!
96. I found out I can still do a back flip on the trampoline
97. When my brother's Sam and James held a hose up to me if I didn't!
98. Have kept a journal since I was 15
99. Life is mostly good
100.Definately a journey…
101.Trying though to live my best life TODAY!

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