February 21, 2009

Helping me through...

Gosh there's been ups and down lately. So grateful for support ...

-Separation & Divorce Care: I've been going once a week. Really helpful and relevant to where I'm at... I actually look forward to it. We start with a video, have supper and then break into small groups for discussion. All stuff I can all relate to.

Prayer support: I have a handful of trusted family and friends I email or text when in need of prayer. Can't do it alone! They've been amazing going into bat for me. Last weekend I was 'in a state' after being rejected for yet another house. I texted them, felt lifted and peaceful all week, and yesterday found out my application for a house has been approved! Move in on Tuesday.

Chats with a Pastor at church: A woman at church I can meet with when i need to, who is just so lovely. We talk about where things are at, she does all she can to help, and inspires me as i now look to my future.

We will all go through difficult times along life's path...how nice to have people walk part of the way with us! Some of you will be going through a rough patch of your own. Can i encourage you from the middle of my crazy time, to not suffer alone. We need others. Many times I've cried out to God and He's worked through people to bring the answer....

A great thought too that we can be 'God's answer' for others in their time of need. I was challenged this morning when I read this verse:

"Those who shut their ears to the the cry of the poor will also cry out and not be answered" -Prov 21v13

Whose call can I answer?

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