November 11, 2011

I am thankful (1-11)

Nov1: I am thankful that God is my island hideaway
Nov2: I redeemed one of the facial gift vouchers I've been given today. I am thankful!! (This ole girl needs as much help as she can get!)
Nov3: I am thankful for an enjoyable days teaching. A boy in the class asked me if I would call him 'Cornflake Joe' for the day, so I did.
Nov4: I am thankful for boxes of Mangos you can buy on the side of the road.
Nov5: I am thankful for the kids playing happily in the sunshine together: a hose, dishwashing liquid and a trampoline!
Nov6: I am thankful for a Chai latte & fresh juices for the kids at a cafe on the way to church...where we got to say hello to Brooke Fraser too.
Nov7: I am thankful for soft, adorable faces to smooch xxxxx
Nov8: I am thankful for photos of my niece ( born little, little) who is growing into a chubba bubba now. So sweet!
Nov9: I am thankful for beautiful evenings and dinners outside with the kids.
Nov10: I am thankful for amazing provision. Miss E has been given truckloads of clothes by neighbours & friends. We'll have to do a photo-shoot!!
Nov11: I am thankful for a lovely lunch with da ladies at Rika's gorgeous hair & beauty salon. It felt like a scene from the movies.

Every morning tell him, "Thank-you for your kindness"

Psalm 92:2


Simoney said...

What an awesome thankful list!!!
I want to see that photo shoot of Miss E.
I am so jealous of you meeting Brooke!!! (in a totally supportive and 'glad-for-you" way)
and I am laughing at Cornflake Joe - and think you are THE COOLEST teacher a kid could ever have.

PS are you coming home over christmas/new year?
Maya is coming to stay with me in early Jan - am hoping to have a get-together/party/reunion for the old faces... if you're around?!

PaisleyJade said...

Best list ever!!!