October 31, 2011

A 40th and album recording

I'm hoping my kids can keep their eyes open at school today, after our 'Slow start Saturday it's been quite a weekend!!
They were still running around the bonfire at midnight at a friends 40th on Saturday night...
What a stunning night, plenty of the 'Wow factor' going on there!!
The party was at our friends place who we
house sat for in the holidayss so Choppy was reunited with his little animal friends too...
And then last night we were at the recording of Hillsong's new album 'Together as One' which was truly magnificent!! Nothing like it.
I said to the kids on the way there, that we are living in the answer to many people's prayers who only dreamed of a day when the largest arena in this country would be filled with thousand's of people worshipping our amazing God.
What a holy moment.
To know too, that this album will go through-out the world and minister to countless lives.
Happy Monday all, have a GREAT one :))
Don't take a single day for granted. Take delight in each light-filled hour!!
(Eccles 11:8 MSG)


Gail said...

You are such a great mum!! I love the words you speak into your kids life - love this post, love the inspiration and encouragement to live!!

Penny said...

Wow love that his grace is abounding to you!!! So glad for you.
And LOVE album recordings! I was part of the choir for one when I did bible college there in 2000. So amazing and must be even more so now.
Have FB messaged you about the sponsorship. Thanks heaps!! xx