July 16, 2011

Time flies ~ ~ ~

Aw look, I just found an old photo of Choppy....my babies are growing up soooooo fast!
And here he is 'Happy as Larry" after winning the 100m sprints at the school the other week...
I think I've told you before how little old ladies used to stop me on the street when I was out with all 4 and say; "Enjoy them while they're young, it goes so fast"

O boy has it ever! Enjoy your babies today...before you know it they'll be driving the car!! Ahh that could be Miss E in a few years, I'm still nervous watching her cross the road!

"What can you do to promote world peace? Go home and love your family. Peace starts at home." ~ Mother Teresa

I love Bobbie Houston's words at Hillsong Conference last week too; "GO HOME AND FLOURISH!!"
Photo from RLHouston's Instagram

Wherever life has you planted, whatever season you're in, flourish baby!!


  & one of todays flower's: Sweethearts!!
{Made for Miss E by her littlest 2 brothers!}

"Make peace with your past, enjoy your present, and hope for your future!!"


Gail said...

Wise words Becs - when is your book gonna come out ????? xx

Penny said...

People say that to me all the time...it's def a choice sometimes though!
Love that thought about flourishing