June 29, 2011

"We do FAMILY" (& loud really well!)

In this house...
& when Mammie and Pa were here WE DID GARDEN too!! Kids n all...
{Thanks Mum and Dad!}
It's often the simple things :)

Being together!

"There were 5 in the bed and the little one said..."

J and Pa cooking up a storm together
(The rest of us cleaning-up the kitchen after :)

Snuggling up for movies...Blurry photo's before bed.

          Wearing 'Mammie's' necklace out...

We heart 'Sunday family lunches' after church. Precious xox

Thankful for a house full of people I love!

We love you Mammie and Pa, thanks for being such GRAND parents!!


PaisleyJade said...

Family are so precious!!!

Gail said...

You DO do family well.... and LOUD!!!
Love that sign in the first photos. Did you make it? I think I might have to copy..... :)

Sammy said...

Loud is good! Loud means you are having fun. Love it!

Lyns said...

Family and Loud = perfect xx

Simoney said...

awww, bcs this post gave me a good feeling; I'm all warm and fuzzy now; your family are AMAZING.
You really DO do family SO WELL!!
As for us... well we are really good at LOUD...??!!!

love heaps
(Plus, LOVE that sign)