March 10, 2010

A Gr8 boy!!!

What an awesome guy! His little life touches my heart in so many ways. There's something incredibly special about our Lij, within him gold!

>My gorgeous little boy who was born with a frown
>Who has always been so lovable and cuddly

>He's  loved the guitar forever & starts a moving n grooving whenever he hears music

>Is a fantastic big and little brother...the one they all want to play with!

>He's the boy running around the soccer field with his shirt over his head! :)

>In the last year he lost his 3 front teeth! (& only 2 have grown back?) 

>For his 6th birthday all he wanted was a suit!
>He was a pirate in his school show at end of last year...
>And for his 8th birthday yesterday his dad gave him a leather (Lookalike) jacket.
 A very happy birthday!

A family one this year, with a cake to share with his friends at school.

Celebrating and honouring the amazing 8 year old boy he going out for pizza and licking our lips after at a chocolate cafe where they brought him out this little cake. Heart felt speeches to the birthday boy...

Such an fine young man xox


PaisleyJade said...

And such a cutie! Loving the new jacket... and the fact he wanted a suit for his birthday when he was younger!!

myletterstoemily said...

what a darling little guy. so cute in his

we have three girls and two boys.

i'm completely foolish over the boys..


Simoney said...

Loving that jacket! And I remember the suit too! He has his own style, that guy. Wish him a bug happy birthday from Us, with a special High ive thrown in from Josh (who is looking forward to another sleepover sometime???)