January 28, 2010

Banners up!

Blogging beginnings in 2006...

2007 Kids smiles make anything look good!

   2008: Now the 5 of us

2009 and the multi-talented Simoney made me a banner (cause I can't figure out how ?? on the computer I now have)

2010 Thanks again to Simoney who whipped this up this when we visited her last week!


PaisleyJade said...

looking awesome!! Just doing myself a new one too.

Photoshop... drool!

Gail said...

Hey chick!
Have a look at GIMP which is free to download. Mark did it for me (although I still need his help to use it) supposed to be like photoshop.

P.S. You need to change my link in your side bar :) xx

Weza said...

I have always loved your banners, and coveted them slighty too. I need to know how to do them. :)