November 30, 2009


Tonight=  takeaways for one, chocolate, out!! Divorced today. I realised driving in that I was dressed in black. It is like a death though, sad. I felt quite emotional walking out of the room after it was all over so quickly.
In the end a decision needed to be made and this is the one that gave me the most peace Trusting.


virginia said...

Beautiful Bec, had you on y heart yesterday and even dreamt of you!!?! sad too for you both. Still, God is never-changing, faithful and a God of the impossible. Will continue to believe gigantically HUGE things for you and the kids Bec. Luv and hugs, see you in NZ soonish yay!! xx

Sophie said...

Thinking of you Rebecca. Don't forget the unchanging nature of God, that he is good all the time. Not just in the lovely moments but in the moments of grief too.
lots of love,

Weza said...

Must have been a really hard decision. You strike me as a woman who would have done this lightly. Blessings to you and your family.