April 11, 2009


I realised after making plans for Friday night the perfect timing of it all...

BP and I haven't been able to patch up our marriage. In the last week though I've felt really compelled to reconcile our friendship for the sake of our children.

We have 4 amazing kids! As parents we're going to be at the same school functions, we'll occasionally need to catch up and chat about them-how great for the children to still have both parents show up and share in their special events. Basically, we need to grow up and move past issues between us, for them

I was reading my bible when I had the idea to invite the children' father (BP) to go with the kids and I to Luna Park on Friday.

I felt peaceful about it but later began tossing up the idea in my head and questioning the sense in it, crying out loud to God; "Lord are you in this?!"
As soon as I'd finished speaking these words I turned my head to the TV and on the screen was an ad for Luna Park.I knew. (& have never seen that ad before!)
 He was happy to come with us and after making the arrangements, I stopped in my tracks when I realised the significance of Friday- Easter Friday; a day of dying to myself and reconciliation.

We had a great time and the kids were so thrilled to see us getting on. I was worried that such a night might feed them false hope, but they seem to get it. I explained to the children that even though we're not together anymore, mum and dad are still going to be friends as we have 4 children we BOTH want to be there for, and love heaps!

Thankful for the message of the cross!

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