March 04, 2009

Delightful to live with?!

Words of wisdom that have helped me get back into the swing of things:

“Discipline your children and you will be glad you did-
they’ll turn out delightful to live with.”
-Prov 29:17 Msg

I admit it, I can be a 'one more chance' (Too many chances) mum! Giving in at times to avoid a fuss...the kids soon learning how to push the limits.

A month ago I realised I'd lost my way a bit with discipline,(Wrapped up in my own dramas I guess) the boys behaviour becoming a tad challenging. :O

I asked for wisdom (James 1) and an idea popped into my head...that's working!! (A sort of star system) Experiencing again that if I'm consistent and keep on top of their behaviour along the way (And steer clear of certain foods!) more peaceful times DO come

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