February 05, 2009

Growing up =fast=

Choppy has started BIG school! He's up and in his uniform each morning before I've even got out of bed...and he doesn't even want me to walk him into school, insisting he be dropped at the gate and walk in with his brothers.

The end of an era, my baby at school (No more pre-schoolers at home), Miss E at HIGH school-GOSH where has the time gone?!!

Little old ladies used to stop me when i was out and about with all 4; "Enjoy them while they're young, it goes so fast!"

It has...it is! The importance of being 'in the moment' NOW!

“There will come a time when there will be no more slamming of doors, no more toys to pick up on the stairs, no more childhood quarrels and no more fingerprints on the walls Then may I look back and not regret. May I have the wisdom to see that TODAY is my day with my children that there are no unimportant moments in their lives that no career is more precious, no work more rewarding, and no task more urgent May I not defer it nor neglect it but accept it gladly- and understand that my time is short and my time is now, for my children won’t wait” -Word for Today

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