September 04, 2008

Within reach...

"When you're down, its not the time to be isolated. That's when you need to reach for God, and the people who love you and can help you back up"- Word for Today

I've clung to God and shamelessly reached out to family and friends during this crazy time in my life...and its made all the difference...

-worship music at home and in the car...driving down the motorway- singing, crying, pouring out my heart to God, and sometimes dancing along....oblivious to other drivers looking on!!

-texts to and from family and friends in Nz when I've needed support the most... they have upheld me and gone far and beyond the call of duty. Am grateful beyond words.

-I heart church! This is when I need church the most.. Turning up each week and being a part of it, a non- negotiable in my life.

-catching up with friends for a cuppa and chat on my way in and out of Sydney. Normal stuff, beautiful friends..

-my bible-a treasure!! Reading and letting it soak in and do what it does best...bring hope, life, inspiration, the strength to stand again... I can't begin to tell you how vital Gods word has been/IS to me!

-walks up and down the beach... dolphins swimming right in close to shore the other day, waves crashing, looking up at the skies brilliance... The beauty and magnitude of creation has me breathless!!

-friends & family coming to stay with us...its just as well we live by the beach! Good company, food, laughter, beach times!

Talking to you! Although not face to face I enjoy connecting with friends around the globe and sharing a part of each others world!

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