September 17, 2008

37 and 1 day

I had such a wonderful birthday yesterday full of fun and a BIG suprise!

Hamish (My brother) Nic and kids made me a muffin mountain...
All you could see in the birthday snapshot was a flame of fire and smoke from all those candles!

Absolutely beautiful on the beach, taking a walk...and later with family (who have all gone today-back today)

...and how bout this!!! While out for dinner last night, I received news that a totally incredible bunch of friends (including bloggers Gail, Sophie, and Simone) are giving me a brand new laptop computer for my birthday!!! Wow wee how lucky am i...Sophie's bringing it over on Sunday! I'm in awe at their kindness, still a little misty eyed when I think about it!

What amazing family and friends~can't say thanks enough!

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